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Our Work
Thank you for your interest in the East African Education Initiative. We are a small, all-volunteer organization just beginning to make a difference in the lives of Ugandan youth.

It is our hope that once you see the great work we are doing, you will be inspired to join our international family.

Our Vision
To provide educational opportunities for Ugandan youth.

Our Mission
To make education accessible in suburban and rural areas of Uganda by establishing student sponsorships and building secondary schools.

Why are we doing this? Why are we doing this?

For decades, Uganda has been nearly torn apart by the ravages of HIV/AIDS, war and poverty. The students we support come from the rural villages that have borne the brunt of these calamities; many of them have lost one or both parents.

Because of contributions of our supporters, our students have a happier life in a more stable environment.

Our Focus Our Focus

Our organization ministers mostly to students ages 12 and up, who are not typically the primary interests of most charitable organizations serving Uganda.

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